For the first time, a museum in Cleveland, Ohio, will accept crypto as a payment method. From Tuesday, November 13th, visitors to the Great Lakes Science Center will have the opportunity to pay with Bitcoin (BTC).

Visitors can pay with bitcoins
According to information from Crain’s Cleveland, the museum is to use BitPay to process Bitcoin payments. If you want to pay in BTC, you have the option of paying via the app on your smartphone.

Ellenbogen says:

“The tension on the sidelines of the event is reflected in many ways. In Cleveland, the acceptance of Bitcoin is only a small part of the impetus to build a blockchain-based ecosystem. “

The introduction of cryptocurrencies is preceded by the exhibition of the museum’s first Blockland Solutions Conference. In December, a four-day event will focus on research and education on the future of blockchain technology.

For the first time in the US, a third museum is represented by Bitcoin
For some time now, the Coastal Belt Museum and the St. Petersburg Museum of History have been accepting bitcoins, so the Great Lakes Science Center will officially be the third such US institution to recognize cryptocurrencies. In 2013, the Museum Coastal Bend integrated Bitcoin for the first time.

A spokesman for the museum said at this time:

“The skepticism is big if anyone ever visits the museum and makes use of the Bitcoin payment. But testing will not cost us anything and you can pretty well say we’re the first. Likewise, the amount of entry is free to determine according to your own will. So you know how much you have to spend your hard-earned BTCs here. “

Over the course of five years, the mother of all coins became a major asset valued at over $ 110 billion. Bitcoin is considered a real asset by major institutions such as ICE, Fidelity, Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

Following the launch of a new mobile app that uses augmented and virtual reality, Bitcoin integration will be the institution’s second major initiative. It allows visitors to better experience, explore and evaluate NASA’s work.

“Last year we launched our mobile app, where guests can experiment with flames in space and try spaceships. They return to the earth atmosphere when they visit the NASA Glenn Visitor Center and now have the opportunity to settle their entrance fees with Bitcoin on their mobile phones. “

A global trend for the crypto world is flourishing
The melting together of large cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has become a new trend in the global marketplace. Bitcoin integration has become an effective entry into the cryptocurrency market, which is almost free for merchants.

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