Blockstream has expanded its satellite service and can now broadcast Bitcoin to all of the Earth’s major landmasses

Previously, Blockstream had only four satellites broadcasting to North America, South America, Europe and Africa. With the fifth satellite announced today, Blockstream will be able to service the Asia-Pacific region and cover all key land masses in the world except Greenland and the Antarctic.

The broader coverage achieved with the addition of a fifth leased satellite provides Internet-free Bitcoin transactions and information sharing to crypto users in the Asia-Pacific region. The satellite service still in beta was previously available in Africa, Europe, South and North America.

The ambitious Bitcoin space initiative aims to free krypton usage from internet access dependence and to make the security of the Bitcoin network as robust as possible. Blockstream CEO Adam Back said:

    “We see the increased robustness of the Bitcoin network and lower ownership costs, which helps companies rely on the backup service and that emerging markets can use their primary access to the Bitcoin network at a lower cost.”

With the first announcement of its satellite project in August 2017, Blockstream’s goal was to “connect everyone around the world” with limited global Internet access and still limited online freedom.

For example, users can send encrypted messages from some of the most remote regions of the world using a new application programming interface (API) and pay for those messages in Bitcoin using the Lightning network.

image by Shutterstock