This weekend, the 4,000th Bitcoin ATM was set up. And Bitocin exchange machines allow you to switch Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into local cash and vice versa. Bitcoin machines are a beautiful interface from the digital world to the analogue world – and still free from banks.

Bitcoin ATM Number

North America is now definitely the place where most Bitcoin ATMs stand. The continent controls 71.3% of the market at this time. Europe is the somewhat surprising second on the list. Almost every fourth device can be found in a European top city. Although Asia is fairly prominent in cryptocurrency trading, it only hosts 2.56% of all Bitcoin ATMs. Oceania, South America and Africa will come very low in the ranking.

A particular trend is that users are not just focusing on Bitcoin. More than six out of ten machines support Altcoins to varying degrees. Litecoin is the most popular Altcoin offer, followed by Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Support for Dash, Monero, Dogecoin and ZCash also seems to be on the increase. In addition, nearly four out of ten Bitcoin ATMs allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

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